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What does it all mean?


With us, on a micro-level, and with the planet, on a macro-level we are becoming aware - a grand awakening of sorts. There is a yearning to come together - a reunification which is as old as the hills, yet spectacular and new all at the same time...We're not quite there yet - there are powerful, divisive forces arrayed to separate us.


With these divisions, larger than life characters emerge distracting us from what is righteous, natural and good in this world. And with our attention held these characters become even more animated creating a feed-back loop distorting everyone's common sense. It is important that art unmasks these actors and shows us the possibly of another way.


Pale Blue Dot seeks to do just this - reveal these absurd characters and expose them for what they are - a distortion of our true selves. And possibly more importantly, to remind us that there is another way — A way of being that we've seem to have forgotten. Who will lead us back to these origins and teach us once again? Our Mother...


Telling Pale Blue Dot in a tangible way...
the IDEA

Like many good ideas, the spark came up from my subconscious in the form of a dream which awoke me from a deep sleep — this idea that the Earth is a living, breathing entity who had something to say - or better yet, to sing -


Progressive and conservative types of people keep talking passed each other, not listening - where is the middle? Or maybe more importantly, 'who' is the middle to bring all of these parties together?


Before film production could start we needed a solid script. The story came together fairly easily, yet "writing is rewriting" and it was a matter of getting it right on the page. I gave the first draft to a trusted friend and with her input started a Page-One rewrite -


With the final draft completed and polished, principal photography started in old Amsterdam and branched out from there. Yet once shooting finally started, my job wasn't over - in fact, it was just beginning - we needed a song, a really good song -

the SONG

Conceived by the mighty Mistress herself: Merel Moistra

"Let's take a moment to give her a proper introduction.

I saw this charming, well-dressed woman for the first time when she walked onto the stage of the theater Perdu on the Kloveniersburgwal in old Amsterdam for a book-presentation and memorial service for an old friend and award winning filmmaker: Izzy Abrahmy (who had died the year before.)

She stepped into the limelight and dazzled all of us with a unique rendition of the 1928 novelty-hit 'Tip Toe Thru the Tulips.' Yes, it is an old song that I'd heard it before, but Merel made it sound fresh and new, like I was hearing it for the first time. She had turned the somber service into a lighter and more cheerful one, and I found myself on the other end of a magical experience she seemed to be creating out of thin air. How did she do it?

Later as we grew more familiar, Merel explained that her original idea had always been to create magic in her performances and for that purpose she had studied the inner workings of Dutch star Magician Woedy Woet. She smiled when she learned that all of her hard work had paid off.

As intriguing as it may seem to many, the first 40 years of her life, Merel was presumed male, yet it has no bearing on the big picture of who she really is. The central driving force of her life is the composing of songs. To Merel 'songwriting' sounds demeaning. She explains, "The size of the canvas shouldn't matter. A small painting can also be a masterpiece. It's even harder that way." Music is so central to Merel's existence, she would rather go blind than to go without music.

I was totally unaware of any of this, of course, but knew right there and then at the memorial service, that I wanted to work with her. A few days later I contacted her and we had a meeting, then a second meeting and the magic kept coming. I knew I was in good hands.

Weeks later I came to her with my 'Mother Nature' dream and we started to formulate what a joint project might look like. I offered the imagery and she offered a real sense of heart and wit. From her deep memory she dug up scientist and visionary Carl Sagan's work "The Pale Blue Dot" and that spark of an idea lit up the room, making it the obvious choice for the working title of the project. We left the meeting agreeing on the premise, style and content (in rough terms) and said we'd be touch base in the near future...

Three days later I found a stellar guitar and voice demo in my email in-box - It was Merel singing... Pale Blue Dot was born!

I immediately LOVED the song, but just as soon as my rational mind came back on-line I wondered if I was being too rash? I asked a close friend to give it a listen and stood nearby in anticipation. She pushed me away and I was sent off to buy a couple more coffees. Upon my return, I found her bee-bopping with the headphones on and I knew my original impulse was correct and we had a potential hit on our hands.

Of course, only time and the audience will tell if Pale Blue Dot the song (and the movie) are what we believe them to be. But we are so excited to offer it to the world and just sit back and see what happens. Welcome to the Pale Blue Dot."

Bob Yothers



"The world is becoming more and more polarized. Mother Nature is where we can all come together."








In the classic tradition of 'The Wizard of Oz,' 'Pale Blue Dot' has a framing story which takes place in the real world of old Amsterdam center. Lilith, a red-light worker, Boho, a high-strung entrepreneur, and the sketchy, Don the butcher, all go about their daily lives oblivious to one another until one day they nearly come to blows over a misunderstanding. Time stops and all three are transported into the magical world of the music video where they sing out their differences. Their lives are forever changed and with the experience, hopefully ours will be too -

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